>>> Me <<<


Who am I?


I'm a 23 years old multicopter-pilot and music-producer from Germany. At the age of about 6-7 years, I started to play the piano respectively the keyboard and I also started to develop a great interest for the electrical, mechanical and chemical technology.


Because I had the opportunity to realize my ideas in a reasonably equipped workshop at a young age, I constructed things, such as a tree house with music as well as lighting system, an electrical powered bicycle, a floating vacuum-cleaner-motor (according to the hovercraft-principle) or a 1W-Wind-Power-Station, which was able to charge either Ni-MH batteries or light up a Power-LED. About the music: Since I am 16 years old I produce by my stage name "No Bro" electronic music in the range of Dubstep, D'n'B and EDM (www.soundcloud.com/no-bro).


When I was about 13-14 years, I have finally added model-building to my growing “urge of constructing”: Started with a H0-Model-Railway-Landscape or self-made RC-Cars, then model gliders and model rockets up to now, the multicopters. I plan, construct and fly multicopters for about five years. In that time I have built several multicopters on my own and was involved in many other multicopter-projects.


Currently I have four quadrocopters and one hexacopter (just look at my profile picture), but I hope to get the chance to build a much larger, unique Multicopter in order to make my childhood dream of flying come true: a One-Man-Octocopter!